Summer Events for 2019 in York

The summer season is hotting up with an array of events that will ensure fun for travellers of all ages.

Fossgate Festival As one of York’s oldest streets, Fossgate comes alive over the summer months. The street itself is a popular favourite with residents and tourists alike. It has a range of independent shops and an array of cafes and bars. The street is also home to the historic and elegant Merchant Adventurers’ Hall making an area that is a delight to explore.

Fossgate Festival 2019 will see the street come alive with live music in a family-friendly atmosphere. The street will be closed to traffic allowing to explore one of the many cafes or bars, enjoy some good food and have fun with the kids. The festival runs from 12pm to 7pm on the dates below. Bars and restaurants will remain open till later.

The Fossgate Festival runs on the following dates: Sunday 2nd June Sunday 7th July Sunday 4th August Sunday 1st September Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre This excellent cultural experience hit York for the first time last year where it played to an audience of nearly 80,000 people across all shows. In addition, it has won an array of awards including the “Best Attraction” and “Best Cultural Experience”. This show has it all, with a mix of betrayal and revenge, magic and mischief and more in the various plays scheduled this year.

During their heyday 400 years ago, Shakespeare’s audiences enjoyed an intimate experience in the specially designed Rose Theatre right in the centre of London. The design allowed the audience to experience the theatre in a way that was more immersive and exciting and this is what the modern version in York hopes to emulate. Set beside the 13th Century Cliffords Tower the Rose Theatre construction allows for an audience of 900. There are three-tiered balconies that sit around an open roof courtyard and standing room for a further 340 people. Set outside the theatre, Shakespeare’s village will have an array of wagon performances and medieval music for free.

Why not get a drink and something to eat at the Bear Arms tavern? Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre runs from the 25th 2019 June until the 1st September 2019. Tickets can be purchased from the onsite box office from 11am until 7.45pm or from Ticketmaster. Shows are at 2pm and 7pm or go to their website at

York Early Music Festival 5 – 13 July 2019 The York Early Music Festival is the largest festival of classical music written before 1750. For 2019, it takes the theme of Innovation. Opening with a new production of the world’s first truly great opera – Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo, the festival closes 10 days later with the biennial International Young Artists Competition. Taking the festival’s usual magical mix of music and historic venues together with illustrated lectures, talks and opportunities to meet new friends. To find out more about the York Early Music festival, email

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