House 17 listings available

Prospect Terrace, York, United Kingdom
From: £120.00
Hampden Street, York, UK
From: £120.00
Mount Ephraim, York, UK
From: £180.00
Compton St, York YO30 6LE, UK
From: £120.00
16A Fishergate, York, UK
From: £120.00
7 Hope Street, York, UK
From: £120.00
Woodlea Bank, York, United Kingdom
From: £120.00
4 Country Mews, York, YO31 7NR
From: £80.00
Frances Street, York, YO10 4DW, UK
From: £120.00
1 Patrick Pool, York, UK
From: £150.00
Malt Shovel Court, York YO1 9TB, UK
From: £0.00
49 station Road, Yo26 6px, York
From: £135.00
17 Fetter Lane, York, YO1 6EH
From: £100.00
3 Percy Mews, Count De Burgh Terrace, YO23 1EG, York
From: £85.00
119 Layerthorpe, YO31 7XU, York
From: £75.00
Creamery Cottage, Strensall Road
From: £180.00

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